Offensive wall-bot in Tower Takeover?

Going to our first tournament of the season, we noticed all the robots in the finals match, and with the top five rankings in skills, were flip out reverse stackers. My main question was would a wall bot do well in this challenge? The simple answer is yes, in some situations, like one where you are pared with a flip out reverse stacker. But, a wall but is also really bad and skills, and it would be awful if it was paired with a defensive bot like itself. So, to sum it up, is there a way to combine a flip out reverse stacker with a wall bot?

I was thinking:
4 motor drive
1 motor wall
2 motor intake
1 motor tilter

I did this early season so I’m gonna be honest with you, unless you have a very torquey drive, the wall is pretty useless because people can just get in the way and push you away from the zone, and by the time you have reached they’ll have at least two stacks in the zone (auton and a little time in driver).

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Not worth it, I tried, but you’re either gonna spend the whole match defending and not scoring any cubes, or spend the whole match getting cubes and never using the wall. There just isnt enough time for both

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You could attempt a modular wallbot (only put the wall on your bot when you want to use it) that way you can run skills with no disadvantage and stay offensive during matches if you want.

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You could do one stack during autonomous and then use the wall bot the rest of the game.
Think about it, if you stack 7 cubes during auton, then block the other team from scoring the rest of the game, you will have almost even scores. Then, your alliance partner would be able to score any additional needed points that you would need to win the match.

Their may not be enough time for both but at least you’ll have the option!