Official programming software

For the 2015/2016 season, what are the varying degrees of support provided for the different programming softwares? Especailly how Intelitek’s EasyC and Robomatter’s RobotC compare.

It’s apparent that Robomatter has a close working relationship with VEX Robotics.

We are a new robotics program that will have about 10 to 15 VEX IQ teams, and 10 VEX EDR teams. We are looking at purchasing our programming software soon.

Any insight you can provide would be appreciated.

Hello Adam,

I’ll start off by saying my perspective may be slightly biased as I am a Robomatter employee: I won’t tell you which programming platform is better (coughROBOTCcough :slight_smile: ) but I can show you what we have to offer.

The #1 resource I always point to is our VEX Teacher website which has information on all things VEX that we offer, including the ROBOTC programming language, ROBOTC Natural Language, Graphical Natural Language, Robot Virtual Worlds, the Curricula (we have curriculum for both the VEX Cortex and VEX IQ platforms), the Computer Science Student Network, and more.

We also offer Professional Development courses that assume no prior knowledge of programming or robotics, and teach instructions on how to use robotics in the classroom (as well as how to program the robots, troubleshoot common issues, and handle student questions from a pedagogical standpoint).

There are also resources for both of the VEX competitions, individual Robot Virtual World level packs (including the VEX Cortex Nothing But Net and VEX IQ Bankshot games), and a really awesome “Getting Started in the Classroom” guide.

Rather than list each item individually, I’ve provided links to relevant sections of the VEX Teacher website and a couple of other useful links that you can use to find even more information about ROBOTC. We also offer a 10-day trial of the software for evaluation purposes (the program is only limited by the time limit and no features are “locked out” during the trial period) which you can get simply by downloading ROBOTC onto a computer that hasn’t run the trial yet.

VEX Teacher homepage:
Getting Started with VEX Robotics:

ROBOTC homepage:
ROBOTC forums: [

Please let me know if you run into any questions about ROBOTC (either on here or via direct message) and I will be more than happy to answer them for you.](

Thanks John. I am in favor of RobotC, I just need as many facts as I can to show others when we are deciding.

I had heard a rumor that EasyC wasn’t going to be supported this competition season. Something about Intelitek having problems last year… maybe I misunderstood.