Official Q&A Summary

This thread is designed to be a reference for teams and volunteers; it summarizes any important Q&A entries with rule clarifications. This thread will be updated as Q&A’s are answered.

Updated on November 6th, 2015

  1. During the Skills Challenges you may only load Balls at the Alliance Starting Tiles adjacent to where the Balls started the Match. i.e. You would be able to start with 4 Robot Skills Preloads on the Red Alliance Starting Tiles, then load 28 Robot Skills Loads from the Red Loading Zone. To access the remaining 32 Robot Skills Loads you would need to travel to the Blue Loading Zone. There is no restriction on where you have to shoot the Balls, just a restriction on where they may be Loaded.
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  2. Contacting a Robot that is contacting either the Loading Zone or Climbing Zone is considered to be indirect contact with that Zone, thus illegal by <SG7> or <SG11>.
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