Offline Team practices (outside of system) for LRT allowed?

Are we allowed to reach out to other LRT teams to strategize and practice outside of the system using zoom or something? The question is for both a) before the tournament (now thru May 27) and b) during the tournament (May 27-29)

In the last LRT we attended, we were told by the other team that we are NOT allowed to practice outside of their system. Is this a real rule, i couldn’t find any documentation on this.

I believe that there is nothing in the rules that is against that, correct me if im wrong though.

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People sometimes like to make up their own rules. However, if it is not in the official game manual (including the most recent release), or on the Official Q&A, then it is not a “real rule” as these are the only sources for official rules.

To give the benefit of the doubt, perhaps the “other team” has an internal policy set by their school that they cannot communicate with others outside of the LRT ssytem, and are confused that it doesn’t apply to everyone.


Makes sense, didn’t want our team to be disqualified on this basis…so checking. Thanks.
I also reached out to our regional coordinator.

we aren’t

even doing worlds

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