Offsetting Gears on 343 RPM drive

I want to try to build a 343 RPM drivetrain on 4 inch wheels and noticed that the gears need to be offset on different holes in order to be meshed together (84:48). However, when trying to put a bearing into the lower holes, it seems a bit too big and can’t fit. I have noticed other teams build this type of drive and they seemed to do the same, so is there anything I’m missing? Also, I want to build a 6 motor drive, are there any ways to keep the motors as low as possible on the drive? Thanks!

Low profile bearings can fit in the edges of c channelsimage


another option is shaving down the side of a bearing flat, its not recommend but it works if you can’t get some parts.


When you design your geartrain dimensions you don’t have to put all the gears inline on the same row, but could choose to use holes on the different rows or even on another c-channel. In the latter case you will be able to fine tune the distance between gears by adding or removing spacers between c-channels.


use screw joints on the wheel to avoid using bearing flats on the wheel so it is easier to offset


I was thinking of that, but do you know if they are stable and consistently centered by themselves?

You should still use bearings for screw jointed wheels as the bearing centers the circular screw in the square c channel hole, ensuring that the correct distances between the gears are maintained.


we use them and it’s more consistent and stable than shafts because the screws hug the hole better than the bearings