Ohio Competition

Today, we went to our first event of the season (3rd event in Ohio, I think). It was held at North Union High School. We went in, expecting to see only a few shooting robots. Almost all of the robots had a launcher, so we were surprised; we didn’t expect Ohio to be this ready at such an early competition. We had fun with everything, and a lot of things went wonderfully (we had a solo 130 point match at one point). Our last qualification match was a 196 point match.

We placed 14th and were chosen by the 4th seed. The score was 211-141 for one semifinal match - the highest for the day. We lost at the finals, losing to the 2nd seed (159-156, 157-203, 159-180, or something like that). It was a great day. The results haven’t been posted yet, so I will probably ask into that if it’s not posted soon.

We have a few videos from the day, so we will upload them to YouTube as soon as we can (probably within a week).

Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

Wow that truly is amazing for your first match. Do you have a lift?

Wow, 211-141 is pretty sweet. I too am wondering if you have a lift and whether you used it or if it was just some good playing/shooting. :smiley:

Same here in our last competition we were only able to score a max of 174, but our other alliance partners together scored 188.

No we do not have a lift. I saw 2 lifting mechanisms at the competition, but unfortunately, I didn’t see any successful elevations. Maybe next time will be better;)

In the finals, we changed our strategy to go out in the field first before driver loads. That was an interesting change; we only scored in the 150s (or perhaps that was because our opponent was too good :D).

I didn’t see very much pushing; it was more offensive than defensive.

interesting, can’t wait to see vids

I would have thought you would end up with higher scores trying to clear the field before shooting driver control loads (as long as you have a decent alliance partner). Quite Interesting that this resulted in lower scores.

Speaking of alliance partners, how good was ur alliance partner.

We had an agreement with the 2nd seed, but we were picked by the 4th seed. I would say they were “good” (with “excellent” reserved for the 2nd seed). The 2nd seed got 2 200+ scores (203 and 207 I think) and we got 1 211 score, so it might be that we were almost equal.

Autonomous started working decently for us (3/4 balls most of the time) and our alliance was getting 2/3 in, too. However, finals matches 2 and 3 had the 2nd seed consistenly scoring 7 or so balls in the net. I didn’t think autonomous would affect that much, but it took a good hit on our feelings :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: My points are attached. We were 1st in SP, 2nd in OPR, and 2nd from last in DPR :smiley: We didn’t care about SPs in the last match :slight_smile:

Kudos to VexDB

In the 113 point match, we accidentally activated programming skills for the last 30 or so seconds :smiley: