Ohio State Championship

On Friday and Saturday, Ohio held its state competition. 52 teams competed for the 15 world qualification spots. The event results are available on Robot Events and VexDB.

7316B (Firestone Engineering) won the teamwork award.
6302Y (Rockets) won both the robot and programming skills with scores of 335 and 265.
6008A (Angels in Beta) won the design award.
The tournament semifinalists were 1344, 1344B (James Ford Rhodes), 2011B (Brecksville Robotics), 4805E (B.O.S), 6008Z (The Blind Squirrels), and 6302Y (Rockets).
2011B also won the excellence award. 2011B and 6302Y were the only teams to double qualify for worlds.
The tournament finalists were 598A (Loudonville High School), 6862, and 6862M (Team Comet Robotics Club).
The tournament champions were 9185 (Kickin’ Bots), 7316E (Firestone Engineering), and 7882B (MCCTC).

The remaining qualification spots were given to 4805A (H Bomb) and 4112A (Blue Devils).

The finals consisted of the 4th seed versing the 3rd seed (us).

The highest combined score of the day was semifinal 1-3, where the 4th seed upset the 1st seed 262 to 200.

There were 2 upsets in the tournament, both in the semifinals.

Each team got 8 qualifying matches for a total of 104 qualification matches. The matches were run on 4 fields with 2 matches running simultaneously. They were on schedule for the most part. The competition was run very successfully.

There were a few successful elevations.
I only saw one mid-air ball collision at the competition.

Our autonomous was written on Saturday morning, and it was decent, scoring 35 points at most. We were lucky that it never picked up more than 4 balls :wink:
This was the first time in four months that we raised our high score.

I will upload some videos on YouTube sometime this week.

The Competition was definitely a fun day and I congratulate you on getting that far in the competition! My Team 6008Z are glad we were able to qualify for worlds after much hard work and can’t wait to see you guys in April! You probably couldn’t tell but I was cheering for you guys in the finals!

That first loss worried us a bit, so we were happy when we won :smiley:
Congratulations to you guys too!

What’s your youtube channel?

Vex 9185
I’ll try and get at least one video today. I will put the link(s) right here in this post if that comes true.
No, scratch that. I have to work on an award video and essay :stuck_out_tongue:

Finals playlist. Hot out of the oven :smiley:

Or click here.
I’ll get a few more matches uploaded, so check out our channel for updates (or Google “vex nothing but net”).

Nice to see some raising intakes, congrats teams.