Hey everyone!

I just met someone from another Ohio team on here and I had no idea they existed for months! Is there anyone else from Ohio?

You’re obviously missing the point of this thread. One of the main functionalities of the forums is community outreach which is what I believe the OP intended for this thread to be about. So unless you have a valid point to add to the thread, please refrain from posting an immature response to an honest question.

@Elevator Lift Okay, CHILL. Obviously, the point of the post was to find other teams from Ohio for a bit of fun.
We’re not some uprising cult and we’re not a bunch of idiots that think Ohio has a population of 100, in which VEX people are so unbelievably rare they must be hunted down.

If you’re not from Ohio, then press your backspace, the back button, or the nice VEX Forum button they put at the top of the page so you don’t have to stay here and read the obviously triggering post that was made above. -_- Didn’t need to come here and pick a fight about it, alright?

There are 288 teams from Ohio, according to the robotevents map: . :slight_smile:

Ohians who do VEX…
we’re so rare!

Karthik was born in Ohio. (I think)
Fun place. Cedar Point, King’s Island, and corn.

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Last week we had a snow day, and now it’s warm enough to walk outside in a sweatshirt…
When will Ohio make up its mind?

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I deleted one post from this thread for being immature and juvenile.

But yes, I am from Ohio. :slight_smile:


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I am from Ohio also that is Located in Norwalk Team 3264 N.E.R.D.S.Z is our 6 teams.

don’t forget maple syrup
i just realized how old this post is omg

This was posted before my time. It’s sad that nobody ever finished it.

Now that we Ohio teams have closure, let’s try not to revive this thread any more.