Ohio's State Vex Competition

My team qualified for Ohio’s State Vex Competition and I was wondering how these things work, and if they are any different from a normal competition.

( my team is 421H and is from Indian hill {we are a Middle school team} )

They are the same as a normal comp. only you are able to qualify for worlds from it. Note: Fields may be raised at states, but I don’t know about that. I live in AZ :neutral_face:

so im an ohio team too.

You are MS EDR states. same as me. so you will be at the Marion coliseum and the Fields will be raised. 3 Fields and two skills and 1 practice. pits are next to the Fields and you will be at the middle part where every one will see you. basically the crowd is around the whole comp. Its not different its just more exciting. if you need anything. look at robot events for that comp or just ask me. Good luck!


All of the information for the state championship event can be found here. on the robotevents page.

It looks like your event will have 50 teams and 11 worlds-championship spots on the line. Meaning, teams who make it to semifinals at the event (or other awards like skills-champ, design award, and excellence award) will all qualify for vexworlds in Kentucky.

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