Okapi Based Mecanum Autonomous

My team is new to using okapilib’s api and since our last competition we have decided to switch to a mecanum drive. This is what we have so far for tank drive, it works ok but I don’t know if it can be improved.
void opcontrol() { while(true) { fL.moveVelocity(((master.getAnalog(ControllerAnalog::leftY) * 200) - (master.getAnalog(ControllerAnalog::leftX) * 200))); bL.moveVelocity(((master.getAnalog(ControllerAnalog::leftY) * 200) + (master.getAnalog(ControllerAnalog::leftX) * 200))); fR.moveVelocity(((master.getAnalog(ControllerAnalog::rightY) * 200) + (master.getAnalog(ControllerAnalog::rightX) * 200))); bR.moveVelocity(((master.getAnalog(ControllerAnalog::rightY) * 200) - (master.getAnalog(ControllerAnalog::rightX) * 200))); pros::delay(20); } }
But where we’re stuck is autonomous, we have well working pid control for forwards and turning but cannot figure out autonomous strafing. The only solution we have come up with is to create our own custom model with added methods to turn the wheels against each other but I wanted to ask if there was a simpler way first