Okapi XDrive Chassis Controller

Hey Guys,

Using the okapi library, the xdrive chassis controller, our base moves only with the front two motor groups and not the back two when using a move distance or a motion profile. Is there something we are doing wrong when creating our chassis controller?

auto myChasis = ChassisControllerFactory::create(BaseLeftFront,BaseRightFront,
BaseRightRear, MotorGroup{-7, 5 },
{4_in, 17.5_in}

auto profileController = AsyncControllerFactory::motionProfile(1.0,
2.0, 10.0,myChasis);

void GeneratePath(){
profileController.generatePath({Point{0_ft, 0_ft, 0_deg}, Point{5_ft, 0_ft, 0_deg}}, “A”);
void GO(){

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My team is having the exact same issue. Let us know if you find a solution!