Okapilab Pros Gyroscope(What are prototypes)

Hello, I am working on code for my bot. I want to be able to read a Gyroscope in order to test how it works. When I look at the code on the Pros website I see that they don’t show examples I am wondering how I can interpret the prototypes they offer.Pros%20Okapilab%20Help

Thank You.

iport is in the range: 1 through 8 or ‘a’ through ‘h’ or ‘A’ through ‘H’
imultiplier is what to multiply the output of the Gyro by. it has 3600 counter per 360 deg. but maybe its not always exactly the case for you particular gyro so you can scale it.

so i expect this would do it:
okapi::ADIGyro gyro = okapi::ADIGyro('A', 0.1);
usage would be:
double heading = gyro.get()

note that this code is not tested.

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The word prototype here refers to the function’s signature. In other words, it describes the return type, function name, and the arguments and their types.