OkapiLib Controller

I have been testing all the different functions of the PROS controller class and have come across a few issues. Below are links to the topics I created involving some of these questions. PROS Controller Issues and Unable to clear the Controller Screen. Along with a new issue that I have found which involves the controller_rumble function. That is if the format is shorter then four actions extra rumbles are added. As a programmer who used the rumbles as feedback for drivers in VCS not being able to do two short or two long rumbles is slightly frustrating. How can programmers like me help the PROS team fix and solve these issues?
Another thing is I wanted to try using the OkapiLib’s controller class to see if those functions would work. Unfortunately, the controller header has not been included in the latest OkapiLib. The PROS documentation leads one to believe that they can use the OkapiLib rumble function, is there something I am missing or has it just not been fully updated. Would the OkapiLib Controller Class work as intended or do they use the same core functions that are a result of this issue? Any input would be great!
1069B - Argonauts

Try troubleshooting while you are documenting the issues on the GitHub page here: https://github.com/purduesigbots

The first thing you can do to help the developers resolve the issue is to file an issue on GitHub: here for PROS, and here for OkapiLib. In either case, make sure you provide complete code to reproduce the issue that you’re seeing, and describe what the difference between what you see and what you expect is.

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