Okapilib Odometry Configurations

When configuring my chassis controller builder for odometry, one of the parameters that I had to put in was the distance between the center of rotation to the middle tracking wheel. How exactly should I go about finding the center of rotation of my robot?

I think this can help you…
We just used the center of our chassis

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But how am I supposed to know what the center of our chassis is?

For accuracy you’ll want a defined center of rotation on your chassis. This can be achieved with a pair of non-sliding wheels (like traction wheels or locked omnis).

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We used the intersection of the perpendicular bisectors to the edges of our drivetrain

The easiest way is to draw perpendiculars to all tracking wheels and see where intersection is. But that may be not the exact center, if robot mass is distributed unevenly, ig.

I attach a piece of cardboard to the top of the robot, give it continuous turning command and then mark the center of rotation with a pen.