Old Game Pieces

What have you guys done/plan to do with old game objects? I know what I’m doing with this year’s objects; I’m going to keep the cubes as pillows, and use the stars and some Toss Up beach balls to play a massive game of jacks.

The Gateway Barrels and Skyrise sections make excellenct hats :slight_smile:

We plan on playing dodgeball with the nbn balls. Might be a little painful.

My money’s on the robot.

12 motor double flywheel robot simply for the purpose of dodgeball XD

A good game of horseshoes could be played with the skyrise sections and round up tubes.

We keep all of ours (and I do mean all of them) in boxes in storage. I found that out the other day when we started moving all of our stuff into temporary storage. That was fun.

We do exhibition-type events during the summer and fall (Monroe County Fair, STEM in the Park at Bowling Green State University, Cub scout camps, etc). We gave away all our old bean bags as “prizes”. We’ll probably do the same with the NbN balls. We keep Skyrise, however, because it is a a great game for the public to operate the robots: it’s easy to learn and there are no flying objects to chase. We’ll probably keep the current IQ game for the same reason.

We actually found that the Skyrise cubes are really good for propping up a robot when you want to test out wheel movement but don’t need the robot to be on the floor.

Otherwise, we’re talking about just getting rid of most of the old game pieces but saving a few for nostalgia sake. We just don’t have enough room to keep a bunch of game pieces around.

We have given some to day care centers works for some games - skyrise, gateway, roundup - those with the hard plastic objects. The NBN balls are now dirty and the covers of the balls have been scraped off a lot of them.

We offer them up to the kids too after the season. Makes a nice display next to their trophy.

Otherwise it is the landfill for the majority of the rest.

My kids are already placing dibs on the soft cubes when the end of the season comes. Many of them (we have mostly girls on our team) think they would make cool pillows in their rooms!