Old NiCd Batteries

After going over the inventory of our robotics program for the summer, I came across about 15 of VEX’s old NiCd batteries, as opposed to the newer NiMH batteries that are commonly used today. My question is, are these old batteries still usable in competition? Aside from the 2000 mAh vs. 3000 mAh rating, is there any significant difference between the two that you guys can think of? Are they safe to use with the newer Smart Charger v2? Thanks, any help is appreciated.

We found because of their age they don’t hold a charge as well, and also can’t handle surge currents as well, like with a flywheel or our starstruck arm. We didn’t use them at all except for testing the night before a competiton so our NiMH batteries could stay on the chargers. We had no problems using them with the new smart chargers.

Ok, good to know. Thanks.

To be clear, they are still legal.