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Pete here from Holland (actually originally from Belfast) and I was just wondering (so I don’t have to spend the rest of the night on google) who here is printing parts for IQ and what 3D software you are using to print them. I just setup the “super kit” and I knew before I bought it that a load of parts that I will most certainly need in the future are not included and will have to be made. Granted that I am currently researching the most optimal 3D printer for that task which I would like to buy next year and I am hopeful that I can use my 3d program (Modo) to open up new ideas and ways for building new bots.



I don’t know about finding the files that much, but if vex has the cad files you might be able to use a file converter. With 3d printing I have an ender 3 and if you get it really optimized it prints like a beast.

There’s a library of most/all IQ parts in STEP format available on this page, which can be converted to STLs for printing using the software of your choice.

Note that 3D printed replicas of IQ parts would not be legal in competition. But otherwise you’re all good.


There are files (as noted by others) that can be used to print parts. Unless you are building a custom part (2x wide L shape) it’s much cheaper and easier to buy parts from VEX. The IQ parts are pretty well priced.

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Thanks all of you for the infos :grinning:

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