Old parts that I don't want to throw away

I have a number of brains and motors that I don’t have the energy or time to even try to fix for other uses. I had a “battery tester” brain (radio wouldn’t connect) that the “check” button just stopped working. I’ve got a number of things here that I would prefer to not throw away but I’m getting to that point.

Is there anyone out there that could refurbish and use this old stuff for some purpose? Trying to not get this stuff into the landfill!


what do you all have i might get it all from u @sankeydd

Yeah I guess that would help… All these are in various states of disrepair…

By the way where are you located? just asking because if your close enough I might be able to drive to pick it up.

Gainesville FLLLLLLLLL

Alright it would have to be shipped then because I live in indiana.

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