Old technology

I recently found many PIC microcontrollers in a storage room at my school. Along with these, there are very many old joysticks (the ones with the antennas), as well as the crystal accessories (yellow things with antennas).
Are there any uses for this old technology? We sold one PIC on ebay but it cost more to ship than it’s really worth. Is there anything we can use this stuff for, other than throwing it away?

You can probably get decent use out of the stuff for hobbyist projects. You might be able to make a motor/sensor testing rig with it. You can give it to people when they’re bored to build mini-robots with.

Use your imagination.

If you want to sell the stuff, your best bet would probably be to say the buyer must pick it up at Worlds (I might be willing to buy some if that is the case).

I have a stack that I use for one off projects. They will become more valuable in a few weeks. People will be trading in their Cortex systems. Their old 392 / controller 29 stuff will not be usable on V5, but will work with your PICs. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we did not qualify for worlds. Also we tried to use them for a classroom robotics project, however we could not get RobotC to work with them. We normally use PROS, but since PROS wasn’t even around when PIC’s were used in competition, we assumed it wouldn’t work. I think the problem is that our RobotC version is too new. Do you know if PROS will work for this, or if there is a way to “un-update” RobotC if that’s the problem?


Thank you!