Old VEX PIC Controllers

So I was able to upgrade my old VEX PIC controllers to VexNet 2.0. Now I have a bunch of the old PIC controllers. Anyone have any creative uses for them? I’ve only used them for building robots.

We’ve used outdated equipment when we recruit new students who are just “trying out” our club. Large volumes of students who have a low commitment often want to put their hands on something to build, but they haven’t invested the time or money to treat the equipment properly. Having multiple stations with PIC controllers, old motors, outdated batteries/chargers, and beat-up steel gives them the chance to get hands-on experience without doing too much damage. The ones who show a commitment to stay long-term “graduate up” to the newer equipment.

Well it’s a microcontroller, so I imagine you can do any of the things like an Arduino could, but with a lot more power. It’s got PWM motor ports, lots of analog/digital I/O ports, and wireless communication built in, so go nuts.

It’s also good for robots.

I have 6 pics that we use for demo builds. What did you need to do to get the upgrade to work?