Old Vex v.5 system support

Hello, I am new to Vex. I have had this old Vex given to me when I was a child but could only use it in the default modes and it sat in its original box for a long time. The person who bought it for me has passed some what recently and it brought me to pull it out. Now that I am older I am able to get the programming dongle and start seeing what it can really do. Though considering how old it is I have been having a time finding any documentation and support for it which is understandable.

SO far I have been able to scrounge files and programs together and I need a little more to start programing it in mplabs. This might be a long shot but I was wondering if any of the veterans here have any documentation any information in general guides tutorials anything for this old thing. Anything would be useful I really want to tinker with this kit and get it to do things it was never meant to. Maybe get it to talk to an arduino who knows. Of course I will share what I can for those who still have one of these things still laying around. Would love to keep this little bit of history going.