Old VEXnet keys needed. HELP

Here’s our dilemma. We worked on our new robot until the last minute and cannot get it ready for Anaheim so we will be bringing our old robot. The problem is that nobody can find the most recent version of the code so we cannot update our firmware without re-rwriting over 2000 lines of code. Since our current code works well we are going to compete with some old vexnet keys if we can borrow a good set.

So if someone could loan us a set we would be very grateful!


We’re good now, our code was renamed so we didn’t find it easily. We also found a handful of old key’s.

if you still need them, i have a brand new set !

pop by if you need them. :cool:

Thanks! We should be good.

why would you have to do that? it shouldn’t change any of the programming.

Upgrading firmware erases the entire cortex.

So that means that you have to download the code each time you upgrade?

Not necessarily. Click on the “default code” label so that it turns off, then user code is not erased.

why would that matter? it doesn’t erase it from your computer.

They had trouble finding the code in the computer.

I’m starting to understand now. well since you have found it I suggest putting it in a place where you know you can find, on the desktop even. also since you have found the program I suggest using the 2.0 keys.