We decided to reveal our robot early. As a team we decided to go with something original. Our robot can successfully pick up and score one (1) beanbag at a time. We decided that scoring multiple sacks at once was to hard on the other teams, so we stuck with one (1) at a time.

We have a fast drive using 2 393 geared 1:1.6 for speed. We stuck with all traction wheels because we did not want other teams to push us around. We strategically placed the cortex at the center of the robot. That was if the arm goes down, we could get lucky and catch the wires in the arm and rip them out of the cortex!

Our lift is geared 1:7 for torque. Our arm has 1 393 motor. This can easily pick up 1 beanbag at a time. Here are our calculations to figure out the lift gearing.

  1. 1+6=7
  2. 6-5=1

There ya go. It was a very simple calculation.

Our intake is a simple claw made by VEX. It is powered by 1 393 motor and can grab and hold one beanbag at a time. We can not descore with this robot, but we can go to the other side of the troughs and block our trough filled up with 5 objects. We cannot score the high goal unless we throw a preload or match load on top of it (unfortunately this is illegal). We can traverse the trough because we limited out height to 9" tall. We used all steel metal to keep the robot on the ground. We did not see a point to descoring because the other teams wouldn’t be able to score (we have a special mechanism that shoots the other teams eye’s with rubber bands. This way they will be blind for the rest of the tournament). Without further-a-do, here is Om-Nom v3.0!!!

We would be a great alliance partner to pick at Nationals! Think of us!

Let me know what you think of our new robot!

You sir, have made my day.

Thatz incredbl! u gunna PWN natz!1!

(Not so) seriously-- very interesting and unique design. I’m impressed. After all that creativity that you’ve put into Om-Nom v2.0, I couldn’t see any possible way for you to improve or come up with a better design, but this beats all. GREAT JOB!



HAHAHAHAHA! I can’t believe how many of these I have seen competing. Believe it or not there is one in 2nd place at the Garland League. The kid that’s in 2nd place must have spent hundreds of hours practicing, he operates it with surgical precision. The few others we have gone up against usually don’t score much until we drop a few sacks in their trough.

This was actually a good kit for new teams to start their year with if they didn’t have the budget for extra parts though. Maybe these clawbots will spark some interest and enthusiasm. I heard the parent of one student with a clawbot talk about what a great time this year has been so far and they were anxious to find out what next years challenge would be so they could design their own.

But either way, it’s always a comfort to see one on the other side of the field when you are in qualifying rounds. :wink:

You should release it on April 1 :wink:

I was so excited.
And then I saw.


Haha, I could see this STILL take out 20% of the competition at Worlds :slight_smile:

That would be me. My robots are always good. But then something has to go wrong, like a cortex blowing up (happened last year). Then you’ll beat me. :smiley:

Or if your intake completely falls off…
:wink: I’m sure you guys fixed that by now

Oh haha. Oh jeezus. We fought so hard to get another chance. And our intake just HAS to break during autonomous… Oh well.
That also happened during Round-Up world championships. Oh god was that stressful…