Om-Nom v3.0 Release (Official)

Team 323Z’s Om-Nom v3.0

We went through many different iterations to finally end up where we are now. Here is the release video: Om-Nom v3.0 Release - YouTube

You can find multiple videos of the robot here (most of them were old and bad driving and stuff):

Also, we went to a scrimmage and here are some videos here (our right drive died all the time, and one match our arm broke): [
The intake has 2 393 motors on it. We stuck with a MASSIVE chainsaw intake. It is chained 3:5 for torque. The “spikes” sticking up are to hold the high goal objects. The bottom is lexan.

We have not done skills, but are hoping for 240 (if everything is done perfect :)). No programming skills yet. Autonomous is still a working progress.

Post questions/comments!

See y’all tomorrow at the Midwest Championship!Robot Info/Stats:**

Hmm interesting reveal. I’m liking the larger capacity and the fact you guys can go under the trough now

Some questions:

Is there a reason why you kept the H-drive instead of put those motors towards the lift? Have you tried driving just without strafing and comparing efficiencies? With 2 motors, have you tried at 1:9 or something a bit faster? Are you ever actually going to lift(or fit) ~23 sacks at a time?

I see you guys kept a steeper lexan plate. Is there a reason why you didn’t use a flatter plate? (It seems more intuitive to me that a flatter plate would pick up better, but I’ve never actually built a steep plate before to compare)

Also I see you kept the flap-chainsaw intake, and that you at one point were trying a mesh intake. Is there a reason why you didn’t keep the mesh?

Keep up the good work!

I was wondering why this wasn’t posted in Robot Showcase :slight_smile:

Nice robot!

You guys did good at the Warren competition today. Why did your robot keep flipping over though?

Thanks! I didn’t really get to talk to you (So busy).

We had a new drive team, and also we didn’t get some important code implemented. It will not happen at Zionsville :wink:

Great job coming in was it 3rd? Or 2nd? in our division (can’t remember). Warren hasn’t posted the results on robotevents, so I can’t cheat :smiley: . Dat 12A/B combination… yegh, it was tough.

Ya, we placed 3rd in the 2nd division. I hope they post the scores :slight_smile:

Actually, 12A/B wasn’t as hard as a thought they would be. We almost had them the third match if we had scored our sacks in our intake, and put the 6 objects in the high goal (we lost by 30 points :p). Then the next match we flipped. Oh well. It was fun!

See you at Zionsville!

We really love strafing and it helps out a lot when stuck up in sacks, and collecting the sacks along the wall. Yes we have tried just tank drive VS holonomic, and we prefer holonomic.

We actually have picked up and scored 20 objects. We may go to a faster ratio, but I doubt it.

We did not have room for a flat plate. We tried doing it, but the angle did not get steep enough. What we have now works great. It’s not steeper than any other lexan plate we have done this year.

The mesh did not seem to grab the bags very well. We just changed our intake today, and it works SO much better than what we had on Sat. I think paddles and bumpers work the best.

Oh okay, thanks! The robot is looking very impressive. Good luck!

To tell you the truth, our robot stank below stinkiness at our last competition. Just a few little things got changed and it works 150% better :wink:

Watch out at the Indiana State Championship!

It’s alright, it happens to every team. Sometimes it’s hard to see problems until you actually compete.

So, Indiana States was yesterday. How did you guys do?

Pretty sure they won. Jesse will answer though.

I posted about the Indiana State Competition here on our Sack Attack update thread: