OMG!!! Huge discount

For those of you on a low budget check this out!

its the vex transmitter add-on kit for only $30 dollars!!! how did they get it so cheap!? i dont know for sure but my guess is that they had tons of vex kits and dont need them anymore so they’re selling the controllers

They are even cheaper on e-Bay. I just got a new one for $5.99 plus $9 shipping.

yea i know but for those FTC teams who are desprate for a lot of them

Yeea if you searched the forum enough you would have seen my post where I said I got one for $4. They go as low as $1 on ebay. Transmitters run really cheap.

Another very good deal

Not as good of a deal when they were sold on Amazon. $60!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Apparently a lot of people took advantage of that amazon goof. I had bought some, but then bought two more for 90+ on ebay from two different sellers. BOTH arrived in amazon boxes. Guess I know their margin. Crud, that’s a whole sprocket kit each. Eh, still a good deal.

Also, right after the goof, Ebay’s Vex search listing went from regular 30 items to over 100, all vexplorer of course. Almost as annoying as the 4 thousand crystals sets for sale.

And they all seem to be the “A” Crystal sets, not the “B” Crystal sets… :frowning: