Omni direction wheel insert

what do you do with the omni direction weel iserts…gule

with the inserts, you can just put it in the wheel and put an axel through.

they fall out all the time

put shaft collars on either side of the wheel


Just space the axel correctly.


PLS for the love of forums english and spell. Anyway there are 2 types of inserts one type is long and grey the other type is green plastic and grey metal. Im guessing your talking about the grey plastic ones, those commonly fall out but are removable for High strength shafts. If you use regular shafts you need the inserts. Some sprockets and gears are also High Strength so keep a supply of inserts around because they can go misssing faster than rubberbands on DR4B lifts


Year I’ve realized that as well but most of the time, when I don’t have enought their on other wheels and sprockets.

you spelled glue as gule

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@DRow, are we able to move this thread to Tower Takeover General Discussion? Thanks.

Just get some scotch tape and put a piece on the insert, then insert the insert into the omni wheels.

@Ashlar, it is actually illegal to use tape in this manner:

A limited amount of tape is allowed. Robots may use a small amount of tape when used for the following purposes:
a. Securing two vex cables together
b. Labeling wires/motors
c. Covering the backs of license plates
d. sealing pneumatics
e. Holding the VexNet Key in place
f. Any non-functional decoration

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They can’t see it so therefore it does not exist. Or you could take a sliver of any plastic part and use the to help wedge it in.

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