Omni-Directional Robot QUAD Ultrasonic Sensors - IMAGES & VIDEO

This was my First VEX Autonomous Robot.
The full video is below

I’ve seen this somewhere already before, thought it was really cool. :slight_smile:

I hope to impliment a more complex version of this onto our code this year.

We will see.

  • Andrew

Very nice, I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen a side-to-side sonar bot with omniwheels. The angled sonar is a good idea too, it gives you the widest range of detection with the least overlap. Great work on a great robot!

UCSD has robots simular to this except they are very small. It runs through a maze and it remembers the path and calculates a shorter path to run through. I will find a link to it. It is very interesting to watch in person.

I found this to be an excellent example of a Holonomic Drive System and an Ultrasonic Avoidance System.

DSrobotics also posted the EasyC v2.x code in the Code Archive:
Quad/Four Ultrasonic Sensors & 4x Omni-Direction Wheels

Thank Your for sharing you design…

( and I did subscribe to your You Tube channel too… :wink: )

Thanks MarkO, I have been working on a manually controlled forklift just for fun! it’s all complete, I Just need to record and edit should be up in a month or two!