Omni Directional Wheels

i was just looking around for the omni directional wheels and i saw them but i have my doubts that it has good traction… are the small rollers on the wheel rubber or plastic… would they grab on good on a tile flat surface??

The rollers are basically rubber wrapped on hard plastic (to keep the shape, obviously). They work just fine on smooth surfaces :slight_smile:

The rollers are seem to be the same rubber that the standard wheel tires are made of. From my experience, they get good traction when driving in a straight line.

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these wheels are pretty good, i like 'em, they get an excellent grip of the ground because of the rubber mini wheels

The omni wheels are great for traction and high performing, especially the large ones

ya they work pretty well but the thing you have to worry about is if you have them as your wheels with out a motor attached make sure there on 2 seperate axels not one other wise they wont turn well

i find they work very well on the ‘foam’ playing surface (FTC fields) because they sink in slightly and get even more traction than on tile. on the other hand this reduces the ‘sliding’ ablility (ability to go sideways), if your robot weighs a lot.

if they sink in and you discover is lowers your ability to slide your 'bot might be to heavy

I personally like to mix the small omnis with the small rubber wheels or large omnis with the large rubber wheels for the best performance. This is a good mix because you can turn faster and manuever better. But it all depends on the surface you are driving on. If you want to find the perfect combo you have to test out different combinations of wheels.


Our team used the large omnis this year and as our teams driver I found them much better than the smaller omnis. The robot seemed to drive better and turn beter as well with the larger omnis when compared to the smaller ones. Id like to see an even larger set that would compare to the knobby tires as well.

I like these combinations also

My Number 2 adage is, “Use the right tool for the job.”… Part of Engineering is determining what parts do the best for solving your problem.

Exactly correct Marko