Omni Mecanum Traction

Our team is planning on using a combination of Omni, mecanum, and traction (5 inch) on our chassis in that order. What are the cons of using 3 different types of wheels. We are also consider using all Omni on one side and all mecanum on the other. What are the cons for that? Thx.

Why would you do that? It would cause both sides to move at different speeds, which is pretty bad…

Oh lol I see what you meant, not literally side. Well, I’d use all of one type because if you mix and match them things get weird and sort of pointless

LOL! Xenon got me confused initially too. This was pretty weird to be honest. Moreover, that no side option is quite intriguing.

I don’t recommend using traction wheels or entirely omnis. Larger wheels will reduce your torque and make you easier to push. In that same vein, omnis make you absurdly easy to pushed sideways. I would recommend either a 6 wheel drive with locked omnis or a 4 wheel drive with mechanums. Of course, that’s just my non-worlds-qualifying 2 cents. I’m curious what others think.

No you had it right I mean side

Yeah… That’ll make it really hard to drive. I would not attempt it. Plus the 5” wheels will put your chasis on a pivot.

wHat? That would be pretty bad tbh, I see no advantages to doing this.

You can strafe, center park well, and have good turns this is a OP strat. I would also mount a dc that only shoots from back side so no one can play defense

let me make sure I understand. do you mean having the left side of the drive omnis, and the right side of the drive mecanums?

Yes or having Omni in front(small ones), mecanum in middle, 5 inch traction in back on both sides

Um interesting design…

first of all, having mecanums on the left and omnis on the right would probably just result in your robot spinning in circles, as mecanum wheels probably have more traction that omnis. plus they have different diameters, and it would be generally bad.

and the second option wouldn’t accomplish anything, it wouldn’t have nice turning like all omnis, it wouldn’t strafe like all mechanum, and would also be pretty pointless.

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What if we used all small traction wheels.

then you’d just have a normal drive I suppose… not nice turning, but not horrible either.

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no prob, although my season is already over.

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I would suggest not using 3 different types of wheels all on one base. The wheels all rotate at different speeds since they are all a different diameter. This will throw off your programming. If you want to use multiple types of wheels then use a combination of traction and omni wheels. Mecanums have a much wider diameter, so if you want to use mecanums, I would suggest using only mecanums. Even using a mix of traction and omnis aren’t good because the traction wheels aren’t the same diameter as omnis which causes difficulties on the field.

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I think this is a great idea tell me the results. Also what is your team number

We are team number 22192b