Omni wheel h drive design

Does anyone have any instructions on how to build a robot using H drive design with Omni Wheels for VEX IQ?

this is a team that did an H-drive/holonomic drive, they had some problems with it but it has clear photos that should help you when building that, an instruction manual for build an H-drive/holonomic drive would defeat the purpose of vex which is to help students learn and problem solve

Thank you and I am aware of the purpose of VEX. Didn’t need any help in that area.,

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Guidance would be great! I remember, it was harder than I thought it would be because you have to get it in just the right place so all the other wheels touch the ground, and the robot turns well. My kids came up with a crazy rubber-banded frame to try to push the H drive wheel down. I’m sure there must have been a better way to make it work. Sorry. Can’t find a pic.

there was a pic of it in the link

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