Omni-wheels: a good idea?

Perhaps I should clarify a bit. Recently, someone said that if you have a robot with omni-wheels as the front two wheels, it will be more manoeuvrable than a robot with all “normal” wheels. Is this true and is there any benefit to this idea?

Yes, this is true to an extent

Pretty much, yeah. This is true. For most robots, I recommend all omni wheels unless you have a reason for otherwise. Just set omni’s as your default

The only time that I would see switching some omnis for some traction wheels is if you are doing a 6-motor turbo with 6 wheels.

I was more aiming towards mecanums. (although that being said, don’t use them) But that’s true. Unless you want to drift. Which may be good…

THIS YEAR, all omni may make sense because no one is going to push you, generally speaking I’d be hesitant.

Six wheel drive with omni’s on the corners is great assuming the game calls for that many wheels (IE heavy robot, pushing a lot or whatever).

After checking out other teams of 1815, I figured out that a 1:3 or a faster gear ratio for a mecanum drive is insanely overpowered this year. Once you add a very fast gear ratio, oh mecanum drives are SO useful!
EDIT//: We are currently having around 3 teams this year who has mecanum drives so far.