Omni wheels turning

Hi everyone!

So I made a 4 omni wheel drivetrain, but theres a problem, the robot turns way too fast and is really hard to make practical adjustments. Could anyone please explain how I can make the robot turn a bit slower.

P.S. Also I don’t wanna use traction wheels. (THIS IS FOR VEX IQ ONLY)

You can write code for the base that divides the value from the joystick by 2, that reduces the speed. I would also write some code that says if I’m holding a button down that the speed is normal. That way you have a slow speed to move and a high speed to zoom around.

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I’m sorry but how can you divide the joysticks value by 2

Idk how IQ works but wouldn’t reducing the turn velocity help?

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Can you tell us what gear ratio you’re using? That maybe the problem as it may be too fast to control.

As pointed out, you could adjust it in code. How are you programming the controller (Teleop), or are you using Driver Control?

The gear ratio is 2:1 velocity,

Did your team program a custom Teleop, or are you using the built-in Driver Control on the brain? Whether a 2:1 gear ratio is too fast is relative to each team. Another option is to change your gear ratio to 3:2.

Check out this video on how to integrate a ‘derate’ in to your driver code.

Be careful because ‘order of operations’ matters on how you set this up.

A .5 value for your derate would make it go half the speed.
A .9 value would be 90% speed

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I’m using Teleop and I divided the velocity values by 2.8 and it works properly now!

I divided the turning values by 2.8, not the driving forward values

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