omni wheels

i was wondering how the rollers on the omni wheel are attached. and if you could show a picture that would be very helpful also…thanks


Omni-wheels are made of

  • a plastic frame with axle holes, to hold
  • smooth round steel pin axles, on which are threaded
  • a hard plastic ribbed roller
  • surrounded by a soft rubber frictiony roller-tire

The modifications shown in the picture are to add a split spacer to fill in between the ribs in the roller, so to effectively make a harder tire that does not dig into the tiles so much. The goal of the modification was to reduce rolling resistance by giving up some traction, for the quad carrier concept robot for RoundUp, with 50 pounds of cargo.

for the hard plastic ribbed roller how does that lock into the main wheel, i know it has its own axle but how does the axle stay in without popping out

As far as I can tell, the plastic axle holder portion stretches away as the axle is pressed into place.
The axle is longer than space between the axle holes.
I’m not sure if the axle holes have bottoms to keep the axle centered,
or if it is the fricton of the roller gripping the axle that keeps the axle centered.

They don’t fall out. They can only be levered out with a screwdriver.