Omnibot Mark 3

Back in 2016 there was a post of a tiny Omnibot. I built it and have used it for a demos. It was harvested for parts, but I’m now in need of a new Omnibot. The original had the same octagon frame, but used 4x1 and 6x1’s for the sides (to give the overall side length of 6. This one uses 6x1 and 8x1 to get me a little extra space for electronics and stuff. The original also had a very low ground clearance (about 1/8"), this one has 5/8" (slightly over the thickness of two beams)

It’s legal for the 2019-20 game in that the max side to side distance is 11", so scoring mechanisms could be placed anywhere. I’m going to use it in the X drive config, in demo’s people don’t understand how that really works.

Vertical mounting of the brain is a work in progress. I want to use the “head” off of the 6 leg crawler as a topper. (And that explains the color choice of the orange for the 'bot)

The inside square support is a cheat. It’s supported by the purple pins on the sides. There is a very slight rotation of the square to get everything aligned.