On the upgrade of lvgl

If you want to upgrade lvgl by yourself, do you want to directly overwrite the . h file, and then use arm-none-eabi to compile the static library instead?

In addition, my simulator has been set up. It can run on any windows 10 & Linux. It does not have to be visual studio moreover, the official vs simulator has many problems

Not speaking for the PROS team (as I don’t have access to their internal, NDA SDK to test myself).

The PROS-packaged version of the LVGL is compiled into libpros.a and, worse yet, is is actually used by some PROS code, mostly integration and error banners. It would be very hard to try replacing it externally, since the packaged 5.2 and current 6 does have different data structures for about everything (even the base style structure).

There is an open task to decouple LVGL from PROS, which would allow managing LVGL version independently, but I am not sure how prioritized that issue is by PROS folks…


Yes. China is a holiday now. I have time to completely rewrite my current UI. I plan to open source it.
Also have to write the pros file simulator. The workload is very large.
The students are not willing to help me. :rofl: :rofl:
They don’t think UI matters. They are studying the integration of IMU and gyro.

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If they don’t think UI matters, show them the UI from Disabling Default V5 warning system
Written by a student over the winter break, saved the match a few times…

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They seem to be studying things like Euler angle. I don’t know mathematics and physics at all. I support them, too