On your team, who knows the robot best?

I was asked by a teammate who usually knows the robot the best, so I thought what better than ask the people who would know.

  • The driver
  • The programmer
  • The builder
  • Some random person on the team

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There should have been an “all of the above” option.


its a little too late for that

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This pie chart is annoying.
I chose builder


why is the pie chat annoying?

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I am the programmer the builder and the driver and I know the robot best because I have it at my house and work on it every day my partner only gets to work on it when we go to robotics and he never volunteers to take it home

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I think you meant to say code monkey when you said “the programmer”. It’s okay though, we all make typos


So, I’m kind of a designer, a builder, and a programmer. What should I pick? I want to make sure you get some accurate results :smiley:


Programmer, because programmers are superior


I would beg to differ my humble vex friend


I would probably have a different opinion if i wasn’t a programmer… or was even good at building

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For any robot with moderately complex systems, the programmer has to know the basics of how the mechanical systems function to operate the actuators in the right way. On the other hand, builders don’t need to know the details of sensor input and data processing (PID, motion algorithms, etc.), and can just handwave it away to the programmer.

Similarly, the driver doesn’t need to understand how the robot functions during autonomous, whereas a good programmer has to understand the driver and their driving mindset to optimize the controls.


When I’m programming, I spend a huge amount of time with the bot, so I understand everything about it.


That is precisely why my team’s driver/builder and I do almost everything together. Robotics is different, however. We were a team of 2 last year after some unfortunate events, and in spite of the adversity that’d been thrown at us, we made it to Worlds, being only the second team in our school’s history to do so. However, we figured out that he can build, I can code, and we need to do both of those independent of each other, or else I’ll try to talk to him too much, and get no work done.

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I would have preferred a no one answer. we are all quite clueless


Drivers seem to know when something has gone wrong on the robot best in my experience

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I’d argue that different people have a different knowledge of the robot.

The builder is involved in the details of every aspect of the robot. They know approximately where every screw is, where every bearing flat is placed, and how each mechanism will work.

On a different level, the programmer has a more thorough knowledge of how the robot generally functions in a controlled scenario. They have a good knowledge of how the robot works, but not as much knowledge of the physical make-up. They outline what the robot will be doing.

Finally, the driver has a thorough knowledge of how the robot acts. What are its habits, what are the quirks, what affects it. They may not be as in tune with the physical side or how the programming interacts with the physical, but they understand the bridge from their actions, to programming, to robot, to Robot actions.

Imagine that 3 people “know” you.

  1. Knows everything about your appearance and body function. Sort of like your doctor. Knows your hair color, eye color, height, weight, and has a great knowledge of anatomy.
  2. Knows general facts about what you do and shapes one part of your life. Sort of like your coach. You respect them, follow their suggestions for improvement, and they outline what you will be doing. What you will be doing will depend on your particular skill set.
  3. Knows your personality. Sort of like your best friend! They hang out with you and while they don’t necessarily understand how you do everything that you do and why you do it, they have an innate sense of when you are doing it, how you feel about it, and whether or not you will be successful. When you’re in a bad mood about something, they can tell and they want to help. They respect you and want you to be healthy and in good shape.

Can you really say who knows you better? What do you prioritize?


Me, @Just_in1234567891011, and @GrantHM.


I am all of these things, which do I pick? I am a programmer, builder, and driver.


I think you will agree