One cable... to rule them all!

One cable… to rule them all!

One Cable… to rule them all!

Supply power and data connectivity to your VEX Robotics Competition Field Monitor and Raspberry Pi over a single cable.

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Can you (or I) share this as a direct PDF so people don’t have to create an account to download it? You can’t follow the links, and I think this is GREAT! I could share it on the EP forum.



Would love the PDF without creating an account. Thanks for sharing!!

I have it here in my google Drive. If you want me to take this down let me know.

The only thing about how it was hosted is that it’s difficult to click through the links in the document.

Thank you so much for putting this together!

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@xtrmnt, I’m curious why you are using the switch that you are using. It’s about 10x the price of others that have a similar power output.

@xtrmnt, THANK YOU!!! Running a VGA, Electric and Ethernet to each field has always proven to be a problem. Thanks to your guide, I have successfully created my own “One Wire Display”. A few little hiccups, but overall your description was great and all worked well. Do you remember how many Watts each monitor draws? I had a POE router that I started previously owned and it was a 15.4 W and the monitor would flicker. Once I added a POE+ booster (tech department had an extra one laying around) it all turned on with no issues!!!

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My apologies for just now responding…

@sankeydd, You can buy the Brocade FCX648S-HPOE off of eBay used and it has tons of power to run at least 5 Pi Field Monitor setups (with the optional additional internal power supply, I haven’t tried this with just the stock power supply, but I don’t think it would be an issue):

@sankeydd, also please feel free to share the document even on the EP forum. Somehow I don’t have rights to the EP forum anymore.

@Powerbelly Awesome! I’m so glad to hear it is working well for you! Also, the AOC monitor draws 17600 mWatts. The Pis range from 2700 to 3000 mWatts. This is documented in the last page of the PDF.

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now I have to clean up the mess from my head exploding!

Awesome stuff. We just need to make sure we have 12vDC types of monitors vs the ones expcting only 110vAC

@Team80_Giraffes The nice thing about the AOC monitor that I used is that its 1080p, 12v, and super cheap on Amazon.

The POE splitter for the AOC 22" monitor in the document has been discontinued. The new replacement part is the following:

NOTE! This splitter must be manually set to 12v to work with the AOC monitor.


I read the topic and thought “There is no way it could be better than Brentwood’s setup”
opens pdf
“oh. it is Brentwood’s setup… Neat”


Getting ready for our Speedway event and am making a few more of these for the tournament. AOC is no longer making that monitor. Ughhhhh Any thoughts about a replacement monitor?

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There are a lot of monitors that would work. Just look for one that has an external power supply, and check that the supply voltage is 12 V (or 5 or 18 V). You may need an additional barrel jack adapter as well, but I would expect pretty much any AOC monitor to use the same size barrel jack.

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Updated link to document: