One man team vex iq

Can there be a one man team on a vex iq team or does it have to be 2 people at least? My little brother is starting a team and he has no other teammates so I’m just wondering if it’s allowed.

IQ needs to have at least two people, because during a match, one person has to pass the controller to another during the second half.

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Can they make an exception for one man teams or is that just the rule?

This scenario is covered in tha manual. You can only drive for 35 seconds but a driver from another team can dep for you. Has to be same extra driver for whole event.


“Team – Two or more Students make up a Team.”

(2020-2021 Game Manual)

Or you could do what @calvc01 said.


Under < G5 >


So, you can’t just plan to use a substitute driver. The language in the rule is a little more explicit this year.


You could technically go to a hospital and add random sick people on to your team :stuck_out_tongue:

While it may be possible to make a one-person-team work, it will take a great deal of effort and luck at every event to make it successful. The main team member will most likely leave EVERY event upset that his partner can not drive (if the random sub could drive well, he would most likely be driving for his own team)

I would strongly encourage him to find someone to be the second driver, even if they do nothing else with the “team”.


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