One Motor Flywheel

I have been looking around the forum for a day or two for how to make a one-motor flywheel without a gear cartridge. I’ve seen that the best way to do it is with a high-strength shaft spacer, but our team doesn’t have any. Is there a good way to make one without using a high-strength spacer, or do we just need to buy high-strength spacers?

3D design 1:1 Vex VRC Motor Cartridge 3600RPM | Tinkercad is another alternative I know of, and is better than the Vex Hex version as it uses the actual teeth of the internal motor gear instead of elastic compression. But it does require a laser cutter to make the precise polycarbonate pieces needed for it.


Thank you so much. We got the pieces cut and the motor is working great. We struggled with inconsistency, undershooting, and overheating yesterday. Today we added weight to our flywheel and now we are overshooting full field shots at 100 percent flywheel velocity. It is also more consistent than our prior flywheel.