One Motor Horizontal Intakes on Snailbot

Do you think it would be possible to have two horizontal intakes that used one motor in total? The only way I could think of that working is connecting the two using gears mounted above the horiz. intakes, in front of the indexer. What are your thoughts?

it is possible although personally I don’t think it is very viable as it will likely cause your intakes to overheat pretty fast. 2775j made a single motor intake in tower takeover but as far I can tell it was quickly scrapped.

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:grimacing: Not as quickly as it should have been.

Answer to the original question: Yes, it’s possible (see Robonaut’s NBN Robot for a good example), but you will suffer from a loss of power. Remember that it takes a good amount of force to remove balls from the bottom of corner/wall goals.

Go for it if you really want to, but your intakes will be either slower or weaker.


I’ve seen a team in person with one motor intake, it seems to work quite well too… I mean if you think about it, last year we used two motors to be pushing like ten blocks, this year you simply have to moove a ball over a hump through a very slightly tight slot… lot less needed power… And also if the goals are in speck the required force is not a crazy amount either, at least by my experience… Just food for thought :wink:

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I’m not an engineering master but don’t forget that if you plan on unfolding these rollers (starting within size requirements then expanding), it would be considerably difficult to get those running on one motor knowing the fact both sides move. As seen with the Robonauts, theirs was packed tightly in their robot.

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Yeah good point, I forgot to mention that their intakes also flip out while being powered by one intake. Their robot lookes amazingly well thought through…

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