One Motor MG Lift

Basically, I need to make a MG Lift that uses one motor and it needs to be as compact as possible? It is possible for someone to post a couple pictures explaining how to do this. A detailed description should also work if you cannot provide pictures.

I’ll give you one tip: 1:5 or 1:7 ratio. Not to be rude, but figuring out the rest is kinda the point of Vex. If you have specific questions, I’ll be glad to help, but the old “asking for blueprints” questions often lead nowhere.

Usually I wouldn’t but we have a mini-competition on Sunday and nothing going for our mobile goal lift

Run the gearing for the four bar in the middle of the bot, and have the front bars still be on the sides. Don’t make the bars any longer than 6” or 7”, and if you’re tight on space you can easily make the bars standoffs instead of c channel. Try to make the angle the bars rest at as close to 90* as possible, and try to make the actual movement the four bar has to do as small as possible so that you put the least amount of stress on the motor. The rest is up to you.

This is an early version of our middle school lift. They have advanced it quite a bit from the point in the picture but it is not a bad place to start. I am not sure if my attachment will work but I am giving it a try.

you’ll need rubber bands… lots of them.

there are a few teams on instagram that have pictures of their MoGo lifts.

You don’t actually need rubber bands for a 1:7. A 1:5 built well doesn’t even need, either.

I mean you don’t need a excavator to dig a ditch, but it certainly makes it easier.

We used to have two one motor MG lifts 1:5. Neither needed bands.

K, did you build it in a week with no prior experience?

Well that’s what OP is doing, bands help make up for shotty engineering, or make 1-5s faster and stronger…

um, actually yeah
still don’t know what the op is going to do

If you can, maybe look at my team’s mogo lift. It uses 2 motors at 1:5 torque, but you could probably pull it off with 1:7 with rubber bands.
My robot is the one tipped over, tell me if you need a more close up image.
The motor is in the center of the robot. It’s kinda like a 4 bar but without the front two bars, the back of the thing holding the mogo is being pulled by the motor and there are two support half-c-channels on both sides (3 bar? idk).
It worked really well for us.
IMG_20180303_100042 (1).jpg

Our ms team with the 1 motor mogo lift can now lift and drive around with 16 cones on a mogo and easily place it in the 10 point zone. This is without rubber bands. They had a low battery when they were testing things and they had some trouble with 17 cones. What is funny is that they can only stack 8 high. lol.

Yes, i’ve built a mogo intake under a few hours and it’s able to pick up a mobile goal with 6-7 cones on top and this is without rubberbands. It’s also able to place a 10 stack into the 20 point zone with ease.(1 motor)

We had a 1 motor 1:9 mogo lift and the shaft that held the bars twisted around until it broke in the middle of state elimination matches.

Build quality