One Motor Two Functions

I was wondering if you could power two separate functions using the same motor (so they work independently) other than using a double ratcheting mechanism. They don’t have to run at the same time.

Yes, you can. It is hard, but it is possible. The downside is that you can’t spin either mechanism in reverse, so each thing could only spin one way ( maybe good for an intake?)

Use a flipping gear. Have a pinion gear on the motor’s axle, and then on each side of the pinion gear have a 3-long bar (or Drive Shaft Bar Lock). Attach on the other side of the 3-longs another gear. When you spin the motor it will flip the gear one way, and when you run it the other way it can flip it the other way which allows for independently powering two things.

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Mark Finley is talking about a design implemented In this thread, I think.