One Robot Forming Two Stacks of Cubes at Once

After watching team 448X Ri3D, I thought of duplicating their design (quite literally). What if you had the same system of collecting and dispensing the cubes on each side of the robot? Meaning, on each side of the drive train (left and right) you would have a mechanism to collect and dispense large stacks of cubes. You would have to make each system more compact, but the weight would be balanced on each side of the robot. One problem to be solved is how to reduce the amount of motors for each stacking system. A reason to do this is so you can collect two rows of cubes at a time.

Link to 448X Ri3D:

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I mean, if you can do it got for it. it’d by difficult though, 2 stacks weight twice as much as 1. also you have to think are you really saving that much time? you’d only collect 2 stacks once during a match because you can only place 2 stacks together in one goal, and tbh you’ll probably only save the 10 seconds or so it would take to drive over and deposit once stack.

Even if you cannot deposit both of the cube stacks in the same space, you are still withholding cubes from the other alliance. I believe a strategy can be to store cubes in your robot so the other alliance can’t form stacks with them. The limitation of cubes would force the alliance to decide whether to use their cubes for stacks or for the goal post. If that is not illegal.

nothing illegal about that, but tbh you could really feasibly hold probably around 15 cubes, which still leaves plenty for your opponents. I wouldn’t recommend doing this strategy, but if you can make it work, go for it, it’d be really cool to see.

My only thing with this would compensating for the motor limit (two times the weight would probably require an extra motor along with adding an extra motor an extra intake)

Is the Vortex alliance ri3d similar to what you are thinking?

Where did you get this estimate of a max of 15 cubes? Is it because of weight or something else?

no, but it’s going to be difficult to carry more than 15 or 16 cubes, mostly because of how big your intake would need to be. It’d be awesome to see someone get more, but I find it doubtful.

All right. I was just curious about your reasoning. Thanks

Is that a challenge???


Too much weight on your robot as well as too many motors spent on intake is bad, to the point where I don’t think making two stacks at a time is viable. You’ll notice no one really possessed two mobile goals at a time at worlds, even in skills

While having the stacks on opposing sides of the robot might require to many motors you can hold two stacks on the front of your robot, and with a four motor drive and aluminum bot you should be able to handle the weight. The Vortex alliance proved this with their ri3d.

I believe that this is more efficient than having the stacks on opposing sides of the robot and achieves the same goal.

There are too many cubes for this to make a significant impact, at least in the early season.