One side of six bar going faster than the other?

Hi everyone!
My team 310A just finished gearing a 1:15 six bar with four 393s in high speed configuration (1:9.375) and when we were testing today, the left side of the six bar rose significantly faster than the other side. Any ideas why?
Thanks in advance,

Are all the motors running? Have you checked for excess friction? Are gears slipping? Check that all your coding is correct? It can be a lot of different things. I would check for friction and play.

If one side rose significantly faster than the other I would double check that all your motors are for speed.

Thanks for your concern. It turned out that one of our bearing blocks was abnormally tight and the axle did not move properly.

Sorry to bring this back up, but recently our gears were clicking and the right side was still going slower than the left slightly.
Thanks in advance

Regarding the clicking: - YouTube

Pictures and/or video would help us help you.

can you upload a picture of it? it is hard to tell without them…