One-Sided Lift Stability

We recently built a DR4B and used it in a competition, but we had an issue where the lift bent out a little which made our post-aligner almost useless at full height. Do you guys have any tips to reduce lift sway on a one-sided lift?
EDIT: Attached a picture

Keeping a one-sided lift steady is incredibly difficult. The difficulty is also increased because the cap is held away from the lift, causing more bending. I recommend you either put your cap intake on the front (but I’m sure that would call for many design changes) or add a second side and lots of cross-bracing.

Again, keeping a lift like this steady is really difficult and you may have to change your mechanism a lot to get it working. Good luck!

Your best bet is probably a very thin, two sided lift that can simply be mounted on one side. This lift from team XD is a great example of a thin, stable, well-built lift.

If you move a lift like that to one side of the robot, you should be in business.

Another thing you can do is to rotate the lift 90 degrees and run it sideways. 1010 is a great example from this year of a robot this year with such a lift.

Either way, a thin two sided lift is probably the best. Good luck!

By the way, you can see the lift really well at 2:33:20 or so. It’s very similar to yours, except the top four bar is in between the bottom ones. @Anomaly was spot on with his suggestion, that should work really well with your bot. :slight_smile:

Me and @robotguy made this lift. The trick is
A. on the base tower make sure you have a c-channel on both sides of where the bottom 4-bar is.
B. Make sure you use bolts on every joint you can.
C.If you have alluminum, use it, especially higher up on you lift and especially your intake. The more weight up top, the more unstable the lift will be.

I’m not sure how we can fit a two sided lift in our bot, it is actually 90 degrees as of now. We based it very heavily off of 1010’s lift, but we can not figure out what they are doing differently in terms of the top stage

We do the first two, but I’ll be sure to try C

Again, their top stage four bar appears to be in between the bottom stage ones, while yours is the one side of both. If it’s possible, I’d recommend you have your top four bar between the bottom stage like 1010.