one sided robot

I have a robot where only one side is working. I have tried different ports, a new motor and updating the system. Anyone happen to know what the issue may be and how to fix it? Thanks!

Using a custom program or yhe built in driver control?

The built-in driver control assumes certain ports (1 and 6). So moving the motors to different ports would be problematic.

Assuming you’re writing your own code, posting the code would be extremely helpful.

Also, are your sure both motors aren’t running? I’ve had students complain of this while both motors are running fine, they just didn’t have their axles in the motor so it was free-spinning. If that hasn’t been checked, it’s a worthwhile quick check.

I am using the built in driver control. We are not programming them, just using the controllers to move them.

Axle was not in all the way. Thanks!

@TraB – when we build the basic robot drive base (Clawbot, Stretch, etc) when the wheels get attached to the drive axles, I grab the robot and move the wheels. “What do you hear?” “Umm, nothing” “No, you are hearing the sounds of the motor turning, you know the wheel is connected to the gears, the gears are all connected together and they are attached to the motor”. “Ok”. “Always listen when something is wrong”

So when they come back and say “One side doesn’t drive” I can say “Well, when you turn the wheels, what do you hear?” and that sends them back to find the fix.

Happy to hear that it worked out for you.

@callen Driver ports are 1 and 7 (left) and 6-12 (right) in the default program. Sometimes the roboteers mess up and use ports 6 and 12 together and wonder why all the robot does is spin when they push the sticks forward.

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