One V5 Battery

I ordered a v5 battery back in July and am still waiting for it. I have a competition coming up and I only have one V5 battery. Is one battery enough for the competition?

My team only has one battery and it’s tight but you can usually do it. Do all of your practice before the competition and run the battery back to your charger whenever you’re not in a match.

While I think it is definitely doable to compete with one battery, I would suggest calling vex about it. We had ordered an extra battery in July as well but they shipped it late in December when we called them about it.

If you have other teams from your organization ask them if they have an extra to spare. At our school we will sometimes have a team that isn’t competing that weekend. V5 batteries may be a bit scarce but don’t be shy about asking fellow competitors or the event host if they can loan you a battery for the day. Our experience has been that the VEX community is very wiling to help.

One V5 battery is okay for a tournament, as long as you charge at all possible times, both bots at our school have managed two comps with one battery a piece.