One World Showcase Event Announcement - VRC Worlds Qualifying Event @ UC Berkeley

Dear Vex Teams,

My name is Arya Sasikumar and I am thrilled to share with you that I am organizing the international, VRC VEX World Championship Qualifying: “The One World Showcase Event” @ UC Berkeley, California.

I have competed in both the VIQC and VRC program since the 5th grade. Since graduating from VRC, I am a student in the UC Berkeley M.E.T. program, mentor for VRC teams, and a dedicated volunteer at numerous robotics competitions in Northern California. I have played numerous roles in the 14 regional competitions we have hosted this past year: Emcee, Head Referee, Referee, Scorer, etc. Being an Event Partner and hosting this event is a natural progression. Through the Robolabs Foundation [Non Profit 501(c)(3)], my goal with the One World Showcase Event is to give back to the student community I have been a part of for the last 8 years by organizing an event I would have truly been excited to attend.

I aspire to make this event one of its kind, with synergies between:

  • Middle school/High School students as robotics competitors
  • UC Berkeley students as volunteers to run the event and representatives of student organizations
  • Stakeholders from the UC Berkeley Ecosystem as representatives from the University
  • Leaders from the tech industry as sponsors for the event

With 120 top-notch teams from all over the United States and the globe competing at the #1 Public University in the World, the One World Showcase Event promises to be one of the most exciting events of the 2023-2024 VEX Robotics Competition Season. From November 19th-21st, we are renting a 21,000 square foot facility to realize this event at the UC Berkeley campus. In parallel to the high level of gameplay, we have noteworthy speakers like Rich Lyons, Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VCRO) & UC Berkeley Chief Innovation Officer, as well as product demos from our event sponsors.

This event offers 3-4 VEX Worlds Qualification Spots to VRC Teams:

  • Tournament Champions (2)
  • Excellence Award (1 or 2 – depending on middle/highschool team distribution)

With 70+ countries across RECF’s platforms, VEX Worlds is a true melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. Despite cultural differences, our shared passion for robotics unites us and allows us to learn about one another. However, it is really only at VEX Worlds that teams of different countries get to interact with each other aside from online mediums like the VEX Forum.

Unfortunately, many teams do not have the opportunity to journey across borders due to financial strains. That is why we are making a commitment to the inclusion of teams of other nations by waiving the registration cost for the first team from each country.

Here is the link to our RobotEvents page: One World Showcase Event @ UC Berkeley : Robot Events

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I would love to see you compete in the One World Showcase Event on November 19th-21st and look forward to meeting you then.


Arya Sasikumar
Board Secretary | Co-Founder

[email protected]


I have edited this post slightly, per OP request


Hi, Arya

I suggest you change the event name to: One World Showcase Signature Event @ UC Berkeley

Many people search World Championship Qualifiers using key word Signature, and they can not find this event.
Also it would be nice to allow 6 teams per organization to register instead of 4.


The Norcal Vex Mafia do not want to allow any other Sig events in Northern California. That is why they had to call it a showcase.