Online Award Entries Question

Should college teams submit entries and request interview times on the following webpage:
Or is this reserved for high school and middle school teams only?
Thank you.

Thanks for posting these in regards to VRCC teams at World Championship.

  1. VRCC (College) teams do not sign up for an Excellence or Design Award Interview online. As the program grows, and more qualifying events pop-up, we may revisit this for future seasons. All College teams in attendance will be eligible for the Excellence Award. All College teams that kept an engineering notebook will be eligible for the Design Award in the College division.

  2. College teams are encouraged to submit online for the following awards:
    Teacher of the Year
    Mentor of the Year

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.


Thank you for the explanation. Sorry, I had already signed up for interviews for both the Design and Excellence awards a few weeks ago. Will you please let me know how to cancel our request? Thank you again.