Online Challenge Excellence Qualification at Worlds

I’m getting several questions on Online Challenges, so posting here to get the Official Answer for all teams:

In order to qualify for Excellence at Worlds, if a team from a multi-team/club organization/school submits Online Challenge entries from teams with different letter designations, how does this factor into qualification for Excellence at Worlds with only one team going?

For example:
Team 123A won Excellence at the State level, and Online Challenges were submitted from 123B and 123C. If 123A continues to Worlds, will both submissions from the 123 club count for 123A to be eligible for Excellence at Worlds? Or does 123A have to specifically submit its own Online Challenge entries?

In order for a team to be considered for the Excellence Award at VEX Worlds it must have submitted at least two different VEX Online Challenges, have won an Excellence Award at an official event during the current competition year, and have submitted their Engineering Notebook.

In the example cited, Team 123A must have submitted two of its own online challenge entries. We do not count “sister” team entries towards this requirement. The only exception to this would be if any 123 team submitted a web page, that submission is counted for all teams at a school or club. This policy is in place as a matter of common sense <G2> since all teams at a school or club would typically be sharing a single web site and it does not make sense to require multiple entries of a web site into the online challenge system.